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Wear a Tantrum!

Bobby Tanory has always had a thirst, yes a thirst, for creativity. Unfortunately, having no talent of his own, he has had to create his own virtual kingdom and name it after himself. What a loser.

The dog had it coming.

But doing things online have their advantages: for one thing, as a software developer, he gets to practice his art, which other people - such as his wife - call, "spending too much time on the computer." Also, typing in front of the computer keeps him out of trouble, such as being in the kitchen while his wife is cooking (that's a no-no) or jumping around during sports (he injured himself cheering for the USA World Cup team in 2002 - keep this man as inactive as possible).

Bob showing his physical love for pizza.

Currently, Bobby is writing this 'about' information.

TanoryLand is the single source supplier of Tanorys.

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